Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Thank You Everyone From Everywhere

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone involved in this project.  We want to give a special thank you to all of our new friends that we have met from all over the world.  There was so much information shared with us in the last 24 hours.  We are extremely grateful for your time and willingness to join us on all the calls.  This was an adventure that one will not soon forget.  We are already looking forward to next year's tour, but we need to get some sleep first.  Thank You!!!!!!! 

Map of Where We Went

Last Call

This is a picture of our last call.  We made a 4 way call connecting our 3 schools to our superintendent.  We took turns discussing with him how our event went.  The students were excited to talk about all the people that they met and places things that they saw.  At this point everyone was very excited but also very tired.  The last call was a success!


Sydney, Australia 8:00 pm

The people we talked to were a class of students in Australia.  Australia celebrates Halloween, Australian Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day.  On Australian Day, January 26, people dress up, have BBQ s and go to the beach like we do for the Forth of July.  On Christmas, they celebrate Jesus's birthday and give gifts just like we do.  However, in December, it is summer in Australia, so there is no white Christmas.  In Australia they celebrate Valentines Day.

In Australia they do know how to dab. In Australia, one of their biggest holidays probably there biggest holiday. In Australia it is Friday at one in the afternoon for them and and for us Thursday at eight at night. They have just hit Fall, but they just call it Autumn. They start school in January, near the end of their Summer.  They go to school Monday through Friday, just like us. Their school day is about six hours long.  The name of the school we talked to was Inaburra.  It is very hot during the Summer.  They use C, and they just had a week with forty degrees C.  In Australia, they eat lots of fish, meat and lam.  They wear school uniforms everyday, except for special Thursdays where they can wear what ever they want. They play sports similar to us, including soccer, basketball, and football.  They also play cricket.  The AFL is the Australian Football League.  As well as sports, they go to the beach a lot.


Friday, March 10, 2017

U.S.S. Missouri

U.S.S. Missouri

1.)Pearl Harbor is four hours behind Texas.
2.)Over 10,000 Navy Sailors were involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor.
3.)There are many tourists from Japan.
4.)14,000 people come to see the U.S.S Missouri weekly.
5.)Was in 3 major wars; The Korean War, World War 2, and Desert Storm.
6.)The U.S.S Missouri retired at the age of 50.
7.)The U.S.S Missouri is considered 1 large artifact.
8.)The U.S.S Missouri is the length of three football fields.
9.)The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor because all of our military forces were at Pearl Harbor... gaining strength in the Pacific.
10.)The guns on the U.S.S Missouri can shoot approximately 25 miles.(from Briarhill Middle School to Dallas.)


Mystery Skype

Mystery Skype

Question: Are in the eastern himesphere
Answer: No

Question: Are you in the northern or southern hemishphere
Answer: Northern

Question: Are you in the U.S?
Answer: No

Question Are you Europe?
Answer: Yes

Question: Are you in Central Europe?
Answer:  No

Question:Are you in Norway?

Question:Are you in Western Europe

Question:Are you in France?

Question:Are you in Iceland?

Question:Are you in the capital?

They have a device that detects earthquakes.  They get approximately 20 small earthquakes a day but the device only senses big ones. They have all four seasons and are in winter right now.  Their current temperature is freezing 32 degrees Celsius. You can also see the Northern Light sometimes. They do not have a McDonald's but have KFC and Taco Bell. They got approximately 3ft of snow last night. They start school at 8 in the morning and end around 4. They have fish two times a week and meatballs once a week. Students buy or bring their lunch which is about 2 U.S dollars. It is mandatory for them to go swimming once a week from grades 1-10.